Past Gigs

2017: Decmeber 15 - Xmas Show, Warby Vic / December 19 - School Show, Blackburn / Nov 29-31 - School Shows / Nov 3/5 - Maldon Folk Festival / Oct 12 - Beechworth Bakery, Healesville / July-Sept - 8 week Ukulele Courses / July 4-10 - Ukulele Come and Play Days / April 26-29 - SA School Holidays Shows - Carrick Hill / April 23 - Warburton Preschool Show / April 14-17 - National Folk Festival / April 14 - Bendigo Easter Festival / April 5 - Knox Arts Centre, Melbourne March 10-19 - Adelaide Fringe Festival / March 25/26  - Yackandandah Folk Festival / 2016: Jan  Hobart City Council Show / Cygn

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HI Folks,

We are now on Patreon! This is an exciting new platform that allows patrons to support independent artists so that they can keep creating. Instead of large donations for individuals, this platform uses crowd sourcing.... using recurring micro-funding artists can now be supported to remain independent an viable.

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Winter Break

Wow, what a busy school holiday we had. 11 shows in Melbourne, Regional Victoria and Adelaide. The Melbourne Cabaret Festival was fantastic with Tony Tones on the Grand Piano! We also loved the school shows we did in Adelaide and the great shows at the Festival Centre - and to think we sold out! Yay! Tour highlights included: Driving to Nhill with a fully laden car. I checked the weather before we left and prayed for no rain. Luckily it was dry the whole way because the guitar was on the roof with the set and some gear!