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Upcoming Shows...

Hello Friends, We are very excited about our next few shows. They kids and I are heading up to Bendigo for a big day on Easter Sunday. We are accompanied by Hue Blanes on Keyboard and Michael Arvo on Double Bass, plus the ever infamous alley cat, Hercules (Dave Splatt)! Looking forward to 3 great shows on the Cedar Stage: 10.15 am; Midday; 3 pm.Oh and please spead the word about our APRIL SCHOOL HOLIDAY SHOW in Melbourne. April 9th at 10.45 am in a quaint little church hall in Caulfield.

School Shows!


Parents and teacher!

This is a great chance to provide young students with an authentic theatrical and musical experience. The Good Morning Kids Show sold out at the Melbourne Recital Centre and will be presented at some great festivals and events over the coming months. The show covers various learning outcomes via the domains of Health, Physical Education and The Arts. Children are engaged in movement, physical activity, dance, puppetry and music making...and it's loads of fun!