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Winter Break

Hello Friends
Its been a brilliant few months for Woody's World; travelling around to wonderful festivals, and events, playing for enthusiastic kids and passionate parents. Highlights have been the tour to Tasmania in January, supporting Dad's Adelaide Fringe Show with Herc, and playing at festivals in the southern states (Port Fairy and the National in particular). Working with Quiet Dave has also been a real success and we look forward to presenting more shows following a winter break.


Hello Peoples
Sometimes life pulls you along and you are swept up in the wave. Living out of a backpack or a suitcase, you barely have time to wash your clothes (let alone do the lawn mowing at home). The dishes pile up and the mail isn't even opened for days - you just hope that you paid the phone or power bill when your out and about. Yes, that has been the picture the last few weeks...

Tassy Tour January 2015

Summer has arrived and we find our self about to embark on our first tour of Tasmania. With shows at Cygnet and Tamar Valley festivals it shapes up to be an exciting 10 days.
The kids and I are excited to be joined by “Poppa Knick-Nacks Clark” and “Mumma Kate” from SA, making it a 3 generation family band.
For our BushMOB at Cygnet we will be joined by a few Tassy musicians (including some for the Heritage Fiddlers Ensemble). Check out our Woodys World Facebook page for more details or see the times below...
Cygnet - Saturday, January 10th