Preschools and Schools

Melbourne School Show

Woody's World offers a variety of shows for preschool and school aged children featuring original music, puppetry, comedy and physical theatre. Show themes relate to the arts, freindship, nature, aminals, family and adventure. Ther are numerous educational outcomes that can be met through the domains of Health, Physical Education, Environment and the Arts.


Woody's World presents engaging shows for children featuring puppets, participation and the interactive songs. Children experience a 40/50 minute Woody’s World performance. A free Woody's World colouring-in by award winning illustrator Katz Cowley is handed out following each performance. Children are engaged in movement, physical activity, dance, puppetry and music making.


"Good morning Kid’s show was a fabulous show; engaging, creative, inspiring with all the talented musicians and actors. It was a huge success and hoping to see Woody in a new show at my school next year. - Joseph abou zeid ( Music teacher) Antonine College. 

"If you have children who love music and performing then this is a great show to be involved with!" - Gowrie Early Learning Centre, Docklands.

"....the most fun children's entertainment we have had!" - Millwarra, Yarra Valley.

"Woody was highly entertaining and engaging, with an inclusive style that was perfect for our recent Harmony Day Celebrations." - H. Gerrard ; Principal, Beechworth

"We booked Woody's World for a full day of concerts and workshops. His performances were informative, fun and the students had a great time". - K Beaton, Class 5/6


An enthralling and lively concert featuring interactive songs from Good Morning Kids, children SING and CLAP as they learn chorus’; they DANCE as various animals and all use a special sock PUPPET called Ralph the Tiger Snake. They engage with Woody and Hercules Alley-Cat and participate fully in the concert. Learning the ABORIGINAL version of Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes (Pitjantjantjara from Central Australia) provides a great learning tool to bring back into the class room. Colouring-in activities of Hercules and Ralph can be handed out after the show allowing children to digest their experience through artistic play and social interaction.


Pricing varies per student to a set fee. Ask about our multiple performance discount! We’d be delighted to send your school a complimentary Good Morning Kids CD to enjoy and become familiar with prior to the performance. Also available: meet and greet question time, make your own snake puppet workshop and Woody’s World colouring-in packs.