Ukulele Course - Croydon Hills


Welcome to the Woody's Ukulele School

Here you will find information about the upcoming 8-week ukulele course for kids and parents, including a course overview.

Please Note: Ukuleles are not provided. Bulk purchasing options are available to participants. Email us for more info!

Venue: Yarranga Community Centre, Croydon Hills

Dates: Commencing on Monday July 24th, the course will run on consequctive Mondays until Sept 18th

Lesson 1 Times: 4 pm until 4.45 - Children 5-8 years and parents/guardians essential

Lesson 2 Times: 5 pm until 5.45 - Children 9-12 Years and parents/guardians (strongly encouraged) 

Cost:  Individial $10 per class or $80. Parent and Child =$18 per class or $140. Second Child $8 per class or $65

Payaments: Two installments in July and August

Spaces limited.

Bookings: Click HERE

Course Overview

Woody’s 8-week course enables families to learn basic skills and knowledge in a supportive and engaging environment. This program is pitched at families (children 5-12 years and their parents/guardians). Woody’s philosophy is centred around family music participation and integrating music sharing in the family home. Woody utilises musical games and group participation as a core element of the classes. At the end of the 8-week course participants should be able to:

• Tune the ukulele

• Hold the ukulele in the correct manner

• Engage in basic strumming patterns

• Show an understanding of pitch, dynamics, melody and rhythm

• Play simple chord patterns on the fret board

• Be able to sing a simple tune while strumming

• Develop a repertoire of ukulele songs

• Participate in /experience musical games and activities

• Be able to play in a group ensemble setting

• Be able to perform a piece to/with the class