Woodys World Update

Well Folks,

It’s been a busy few months since the CD Launch in December. Good Morning Kids has been the sound of the summer holidays for many families. Some parents are grateful for the music for long car trips or a little peace in the morning; others have had to ban the album from the airwaves. .

The CD's have finally arrived!

Its been a long wait but yesterday the postman came to the door with a special package. I had to sign for it...Inside were lots and lots of CD's, all colourful and packaged... my little babies had arrived!

And to think that I had an idea a couple of years ago to make a kids album. I always find it easy to come up with ideas - executing them is another matter. It takes a lot of will power and determination. But I am so happy with the result. Thanks to all the musicians and arrangers, the music has a level of sophistication you don't often find in kids albums.