Break Time!

Another busy Summer season draws to an end...

2017 has already been a big year with tours in TAS, SA, ACT and VIC. Now it's time to take stock and begin some planning for the next 12 months. Rest up and enjoy a Winter Break - we certainly will. xxx

Recording session with the girls!

Last Tuesday was a productive day in the studio, I took Jayda and her school friend Stephanie, they both sang beautifully, and were excited by the process of recording.  The songs came together nicely.  Here’s what happened:As we had pre-recorded the song, the girls came in to sing the choir and harmony parts in the chorus of the Christmas song.  We had a listen and worked out the arrangements together.  Then we practiced the parts, and when they were confident and ready they put the headphones on and went into the vocal booth (which is a soundproof box to record in), Jayda is now an old ha