Spring is in the Air

Woodys World News - Spring is in the Air

Well Spring is here folks and we are preparing for some exciting times ahead. We have lots of school shows in Melbourne in 4th term, plus a few festivals. If you feel like joining us for a BushMOB at the Maldon Folk Festival, please do!

New Videos on Youtube

Hercules: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX2URFzZVtk

BushMOB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVBKdxhutTQ

Our Hercules and the BushMOB were performed at the Warburton Harmony Festival in May. Thanks to everyone who supported us on Pozible to make Hercules. He is going to have a busy and exciting life as he journeys around causing havoc everywhere. Have a look at the Video from Warburton harmony Festival. Hamish Fletcher has produced a brilliant puppet full of character and personality – now the possibilities are endless.

It was a long wet winter in the Yarra Valley. While it seemed like Woodys World lay dormant for all that time, we were preparing for the coming of spring. We were contacting festivals, preparing for visits to schools and preschools and even writing new material for the second album.

So you can expect to see us out and about in the coming months. If you can’t make it to Maldon on the Melbourne Cup Weekend, what about Cygnet Folk Festival in Tassie: