Hello Peoples
Sometimes life pulls you along and you are swept up in the wave. Living out of a backpack or a suitcase, you barely have time to wash your clothes (let alone do the lawn mowing at home). The dishes pile up and the mail isn't even opened for days - you just hope that you paid the phone or power bill when your out and about. Yes, that has been the picture the last few weeks...
Between festivals, gigs and running schools camps there has been weeks spent traversing Tassy, SA and some great places in Vic. The kids, Nic and I have connected with some great people in our travels. This week I get to catch up on things and pay that phone bill before I get cut off.
Things are looking really exciting in Woody's World. We have applied for grants to work up the Good Morning Kids Show with Theatre Maker / Puppeteer Extraordinaire, Hamish Fletcher (Giggle and Hoot). We have also applied for funds to get the second album going - thanks to Nic!
We have a couple of Melbourne shows to look out for and the year ahead is starting to fill up with festivals and invitations to perform in Vic and interstate.
Alright... I think the washing machine just finished so it must be time for some domestic duties! W.